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Funeral Flowers

You’ll find on this page a wide variety of funeral flowers but if you’re looking for something special that you can’t see listed here, then do telephone us at the shop on 01227 740067 and we’ll be delighted to discuss your requirements and put our creativity to work.

Quote: WD-26134

Daffodil Floral Tribute on a 16 inch Posy Pad

The “Daffodil Floral Tribute on a 16-inch Posy Pad” is a charming …


Quote: WD-26132

Large Car Shaped Floral Tribute

he “Custom Car-Shaped Floral Tribute” is an extraordinary and personalised floral creation, …


Quote: WD-26130

Record Player Floral Tribute

The “Record Player Floral Tribute” is a uniquely designed floral arrangement, ideal …


Quote: WD-26128

MUM Frame – Lilac Rose Sprays

The “MUM Frame – Lilac Rose Sprays” is a delicately crafted floral …


Quote: WD-26126

MUM Frame – Red Rose Sprays

The “MUM Frame – Red Rose Sprays” is an exquisite and heartfelt …


Quote: WD-25466

“Maltesers Box” Floral Tribute

Introducing our Funeral Flowers gift box, designed to bring comfort and solace …


Quote: WD-25455

Pumpkin Posy Pad

The Pumpkin Posy Pad is a beautiful and thoughtful way to express …


Quote: WD-15272

Jigsaw Puzzle Design Board

Jigsaw Puzzle Design Board approximately 2ft x 2ft …


Quote: WD-15269

Winnie the Pooh Design Board

Hand-drawn & cut Winnie the Pooh Design Board approximately 2ft x 2ft. …


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