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Record Player Floral Tribute


The “Record Player Floral Tribute” is a uniquely designed floral arrangement, ideal for commemorating the life of someone who had a profound love for music. This distinctive tribute takes the form of a traditional record player, meticulously crafted from a variety of flowers, making it a fitting homage to a music enthusiast. Key Features:
  • Innovative Design: The centrepiece of this tribute is a beautifully detailed representation of a classic record player. It combines floral artistry with nostalgic charm, capturing the essence of the love for timeless music.
  • Variety of Flowers: This arrangement is skillfully composed of various flowers, chosen for their colour and texture to accurately depict the different components of a record player. This includes delicate blooms for the turntable, vibrant flowers for the body, and contrasting hues for the buttons and knobs.
  • Customisable Options: To add a more personal touch, there’s the possibility of incorporating the favourite flowers or colours of the departed, making the tribute even more meaningful.
  • Quality and Freshness Guaranteed: Each flower is hand-selected to ensure the highest quality and freshness, contributing to the longevity and visual appeal of the tribute throughout the service.
  • Size and Presentation: The tribute is thoughtfully sized to be a prominent yet tasteful centrepiece. It is designed for easy display at the service, ensuring it captures the attention and hearts of attendees.
Ideal for:
  • Funerals or Memorial Services for Music Lovers
  • Celebrations of Life for Musicians or Music Enthusiasts
  • As a heartfelt tribute to someone who cherished their music and record collection
The “Record Player Floral Tribute” is not just an arrangement; it’s a symbol of the joy and solace music brings into our lives. It serves as a beautiful, poignant reminder of the melodies and memories shared with a loved one, making it a perfect way to honour a life enriched by music.
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