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Introduce a dash of rustic charm and romantic ambience to your wedding with our enchanting LOVE Sign. Crafted from high-quality wood and adorned with twinkling fairy lights and bespoke flowers, this sign is a stunning addition that will elevate your special day.


  • Rustic Wooden Finish: Made from premium wood, the sign exudes a rustic charm that adds a warm, inviting atmosphere to any wedding setting—be it a barn, garden, or elegant ballroom.
  • Illuminated by Fairy Lights: Each letter is intricately wrapped with delicate fairy lights, casting a soft glow that creates a magical and romantic ambience as the evening unfolds.
  • Customised Floral Decor: To ensure the sign perfectly complements your wedding theme, each letter is adorned with flowers that are handpicked to match your wedding’s colour scheme and floral arrangements.
  • Impressive Size: Standing at a height of 1 meter, this LOVE Sign serves as a captivating focal point that’s perfect for photo ops, while also being large enough to make a statement without overwhelming your space.
  • Versatile Placement: The sturdy construction allows for both indoor and outdoor placement, offering you the flexibility to incorporate this beautiful piece wherever you see fit.
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